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Welcome to CES

A solar and battery storage retailer with a difference

Certified Energy Solutions provides quality installations and advice for clients between Northern NSW, Central QLD and right up to Rockhampton. We have a dedicated specialist team with well over a decade's worth of experience to help guide you through your renewable energy journey while making the transition fun and informative along the way.

Our installers are CEC, hybrid and off grid certified guaranteeing a long lasting and certified installations. As for us? We are a CEC and NETCC regulator approved retailer. What this means to you is we have gone above and beyond to ensure our service and method of operation meets and exceeds the highest of industry guidelines. 


We firmly believe that providing a complete service from start to finish, while being on call should you need us post install is the key to a long lasting and viable business model. You're not just another customer to us, you are part of the Certified Energy family. 

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What makes us different? 

We don't hire salespeople, we employ local highly trained and skilled renewable energy consultants that specialize in designing specific solutions for our customers on a per location basis. We don't simply cut and paste packages for the lowest price, we find the best solution using our range of components to achieve budget requirements, financial off set and feature requests to ensure that your system will deliver the results you are seeking both now and in the future. 

When we speak with our customers it is an informative consultation process. Every client that proceeds with an install with Certified meets one of our Director's in person on location for the site inspection to ensure the end result meets expectations prior to works proceeding. This also allows us the opportunity to get to know our clients on a personal level while identifying any potential issues with the property and the proposed design. 

To top it off, the same Director that meets with you for the preinstall inspection will also re attend after the install to perform a quality control inspection and training for the operation of your new system. 

We take our work, installation and customer relations seriously and this is our way of guaranteeing all systems installed receive the final Certified stamp of approval!


"Striving for a 5 star service with every system"

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Your solar and battery storage specialist! 

Don't Gamble with your home or businesses next large investment! Our consultants and Directors are passionate about what we do and know our solutions back to front. Are you looking for a company that provides onsite training, technical support and an efficient and informative process with high quality workmanship?

If so, we are ready to assist with your energy journey. 

Lets have a look at some of our recent installations

Our carefully selected range of product 

We have hand-picked and forged relationships direct with manufacturers to ensure that the solutions we offer and not just backed by us, but the company that makes them directly! This guarantees that your system will remain in top condition for the life of the system with a quick response should assistance be required. You will see that on top of some of our global brands which are well known in the industry we are also avid supporters of Australian innovation, manufacturing and keeping jobs on our shores. Have a look at some of our industry leading brands to see which system suits your needs. Unsure which one is more suited to your requirements or budget, well that's easy, give us a call and we can tell you all about the product to make your decision much easier. 

Obligation free consultaton

Taking the guess work out of your investment!

Obligation free site and phone consultations with an informative and educational approach.

Site Consultation includes
- Consultation to assess your needs and budget while discussing options in our range.
- Roof inspection performed via Drone. 
-Inspection of property electrical supply for installation of your new system. 
- Indication on where your new system can be installed while meeting industry requirements.
Let us take the guess work out of your new investment.


Your energy journey with Certified Energy Solutions 

We offer an efficient, fun and educational process with all of our solutions. 


Working With the Best

We have partnered up with some of the industry's most reputable brands to ensure unparalleled after sales support is on offer for our clients. 

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We ship DIY off grid kits Australia wide!

We provide detailed energy consultation Services free of charge to ensure the off-grid kit you purchase will live up to your expectations while providing unparalleled after sales support for installation and design. Let us take the guess work out of your home's energy solution! 

Please note: We highly recommend final electrical connection on our DIY kits be performance by a licensed electrical to ensure safety for the customer and property alike. 

Local solar, battery storage and off grid installer / specialists


RedEarth DIY Kits!

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Looking for an auto start generator? Check out our range!


Meet the Certified Energy Team 

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Get to know your dedicated Certified Energy Solutions Team



We are your local Victron approved dealer, looking for advice or product to set up your ultimate weekender up? Speak with us in store or check out our online shop. 


Looking for a shed or home? 

We work closely with Ultimate shed builders to provide a complete home and energy solution. If you're looking for a local quality builder to help you achieve your dream reach out to them for a chat! 

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