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Lets start your off grid journey!

Off grid can be a daunting concept for a customer that is not in the industry, we understand that at Certified Energy Solutions and have developed an informative process to assist our customers with disconnecting from energy networks with their own power plant. 


Our process offers a nice flow at your own pace while advising you on how the system will operate, how it can be expanded and what options you have available to you from our great range of product. Once we have sufficiently provided our thorough consultation service it often falls on the client to decide, with the knowledge they now have, which system will best suit their needs. We find this guarantees the client is always happy with their decision while knowing everything there is to know about their own off grid package selection. 

To assist with our consultation flow we have laid out our easy 1, 2, 3 process from consultation to installation. 

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Certified Energy Solutions Local Off Grid and Hybrid Specialists

Contact us to arrange your initial phone consultation with one of our highly trained off grid specialists.

During this conversation we will get a better understanding of what you are wanting to achieve, what budget you are working with, and which product will suit your allocation budget. During this stage we will advise on system features, functions, expandability and even limitations. Once we feel we are on the right track with a system that will suit your needs we move onto the next step. 


Certified Energy Solutions Local Off Grid and Hybrid Specialists

Our consultants will perform a load assessment of your energy profile and start to compile a pre site visit design and detailed quote.

During this stage we get to know you and your family's energy usage requirements to make sure that the system will be able to support your internal energy demands with minimal to no generator involvement. During this load assessment we can also accurately calculate home much solar you will need, how much battery storage capacity and also ensure the inverter is capable of meeting your peak energy demands with little to no load assist from a backup device. 


Certified Energy Solutions Local Off Grid and Hybrid Specialists

Our consultants will provide you with a detailed report covering both steps 1 and 2 in a comprehensive design and quote. 

Should you decide, you would like to proceed with a Certified Energy Solutions off grid package based on the proposal provided we then move onto the site inspection stage prior to final commitment. This is where Either Daniel or Craig [Our Directors] Will personally attend your property for a pre installation inspection and on-site consultation to go through the proposal in person. This ensures we will have no surprises on site should you proceed, and you also get to put a face to the name while asking any residual questions you may have about the way the system will be installed and operation. 


We have hand-picked and forged relationships direct with manufacturers to ensure that the solutions we offer and not just backed by us, but the company that makes them directly! This guarantees that your system will remain in top condition for the life of the system with a quick response should assistance be required. You will see that on top of some of our global brands which are well known in the industry we are also avid supporters of Australian innovation, manufacturing and keeping jobs on our shores. Have a look at some of our industry leading brands to see which system suits your needs. Unsure which one is more suited to your requirements or budget, well that's easy, give us a call and we can tell you all about the product to make your decision much easier. 

At times budget can dictate which product you will have available to you. While we back every product in our range 100% with confidence you will notice a decent price difference between product that is manufactured in Australia as opposed to some of our global brand offerings which are made in Asia. Put simply, it costs more to manufacture on our shores however with the extra expense you will have a system that is locally backed. 

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This is a tricky question as there are many major factors that goes into designing and installing an off-grid package. You will notice on our off grid kits shop we have prices for everyone to view, this is because it is a simple supply only and we do not have to take into account installation, additional electrical work on your specific site, back up generators and more! 

Until we understand your requirements and specific needs for an installation it is impossible to provide an exact quote. This is why we have a detailed and thorough consultation process. 

If you would like to get a quick rough idea on a package price before going too far please feel free to give us a call so we can quickly size up a system for you. 

Meet the Certified Energy Team 

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Get to know your dedicated Certified Energy Solutions Team



We are your local Victron approved dealer, looking for advice or product to set up your ultimate weekender up? Speak with us in store or check out our online shop. 

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