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With Premium after sales support, training and access to the SAJ range we can deliver a premium service to our customers like no other. 

Designed for a smarter home

The SAJ lineup of product offers the latest in smart home hybrid technology at an affordable price. With key features like emergency backup during grid loss, smart AI software to maximize financial returns and some of the industry's leading technical specifications you simply can't go past SAJ to future proof your family from rising energy costs. 

As with all of our products we ensure that we have 100% support for the product we offer to our customers and SAJ is no different. 

Should your system have a fault SAJ pride themselves on being able to provide a direct support service with fast response to ensure your system is operating to its peak efficiency at all times. 

saj 10kw hybrid.jpg
SAJ 10KW Single and 3 phase Hybrid Solution 

The SAJ 10KW Hybrid system offers industry leading emergency backup functionality for your homes essential loads while being able to combine battery storage in 5kwh HV lithium cells in multiple expansion packs. The inverter also comes with a 200% oversize rating allowing up to 15kw of solar to be installed. 

If you are looking for a system that can adapt and expand as your family grows than the search is over! 

System Features
  • Animated and accurate remote monitoring via android and apple. 
  • Online web based monitoring also availible.
  • AC or DC Coupled ready.
  • Modular Design for expansion.
  • Emergency backup ready.
  • Energy trading ready.
  • Local Australian support with a 10 year warranty!
  • Battery capacity 1x 5kwh HV Lithium through to 100kwh.
  • Easily expandible.
  • 3x Trackers for multiple array directions. 
  • Ultra safe with BMS management of storage. 
  • DC Array protection to ensure safe and efficient solar input. 
Multiple sizes 
  • 5kw Hybrid Inverter
  • 6Kw Hybrid Inverter
  • 8kw Hybrid Inverter
  • 10kw Hybrid Inverter
SAJ R5 Non battery ready solar solutions. 

SAJ offers industry leading technology and functionality in their normal grid tied inverter range, with advanced features such as DC / AC Surge protection built in, fanles heat sync design, 99% efficiency it is a sure bet for your next investment. 

System Features
  • IP65 Rated
  • Gecko proof design with fanles head dissipation. 
  • AC or DC coupled ready.
  • Surge protection built in.
  • Detailed online monitoring for consumption and generation. 
  • Full 10 Year warranty.
  • Local Australian support and after sales service. 
  • Award winning design.
  • Single and three phase options.
OIP (14).jpg
Multiple sizes 
  • 5kw Inverter
  • 6Kw Inverter
  • 8kw Inverter
  • 10kw Inverter
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