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What is Hybrid Solar?

When your looking into your next solar investment, a word that may pop up a few times is "Hybrid". This might have you confused at first but not to worry as the configuration is quite simple!

Hybrid is the term used for a solar system with batteries still connected to the grid, in most cases this means that the system will run off the batteries before any grid usage limiting your reliance on the grid, hybrid systems can even run your house through a blackout essentially being off grid without the steep price of oversizing the system with no backup (the grid).

Hybrid is often best fit for residential homes anywhere from remote to suburbia, this is often the configuration picked to fully remove power bills as the simple grid-tied systems have become obsolete with the lower power export prices. As the system still has grid connection you can undersize the system with battery capacity and solar without needing a generator as the grid is essentially an infinite backup.

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