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What is a GSD Device and what does it mean for your home and investment? NEW as of 2024!

Put simply, a GSD Device is a component that has become a mandatory add on to grid connected solar systems with inverter capacity above 10kw on single phase and above 15kw on three phase homes or businesses as of 6.2.2024.

The GSD [GRID SIGNALING DEVICE] main purpose is to allow the energy network to send a phase shift up the power line to essentially disable your solar inverter in the event they need to shut down power to the grid for urgent maintenance.

This operates in a similar manor to phase shifting up the power line to let your off-peak or peak meter know when to kick in.

Here is an excellent explanation of AC Frequency phase shifting should you like to know what it does in the background.

They can also shut down your solar array / system in the event the local transformer in your network is becoming overloaded from excess solar generation.

The device is essentially giving outside control permission for your investment. On one hand I personally feel this is an intrusion in the operation of your own investment and could cause you to have diminishing financial returns should it be shut down regularly if the transformer is undersized in your local power grid.

However, from the other side of the coin I do understand that to make the energy network safe for technicians they need to be able to safely shut down alternative energy sources on the grid to safely perform maintenance works and repairs.


For single phase homes the easiest way we have found when processing connect applications for both Energex and Ergon is to avoid installing inverters above the threshold as it then gives us the option to elect to have one installed or not on the application.

For single phase homes, this means you can install up to a 9.99kw single phase inverter.

For three phase homes, sticking to a 15kw inverter and not exceeding this capacity also avoids the mandatory connect application GSD inclusion.

Of course, this can change at any moment as the energy space is always evolving. Unfortunately, their is not guarantee that the GSD wont be required until the final application for installing your new grid connect system is approved with the energy network provider.

Should you be 100% against having a GSD device installed on your home the sure-fire way to work around this is to essentially disconnect from the grid and install an off-grid power station that will allow you to operate your home on your own terms!

If you are looking for more information on the GSD and how it integrates, we have included a great video from Fronius explaining the product and its installation / method of operation.

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