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The importance of using shade optimizer's when designing your solar array!

Solar panel optimizer's, mounted behind panels for discretion, use Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. In simple terms, every solar panel has a point in the day where it generates the most electricity.

Factors like climate and shading can change this point, affecting panel efficiency. Optimizer's ensure the panel operates at this maximum power point, without impacting the efficiency of other panels in the system.

You can have solar panels in different directions, even with shade, by using optimizer's.

The performance of each optimized solar panel can be monitored in real time. It's key to note that optimizer's are not inverters; they perform part of the inverter's tasks, but an inverter is still needed to convert the energy into usable electricity.

Below are some of our installations which have Optimizers installed to combat environmental performance issues like shade.

Put simply, if you solar array will be greatly affected by shade we simply will not install unless optimizers are fitted to ensure optimal performance.

At an average cost of $79.00 per panel for the tigo optimizer it is cheap insurance to guarantee great performance and a long lasting solar array!

Also, did we mention it will make your panels last longer?

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