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Working with our community and local business. 

Certified Energy Solutions are always looking for local reputable businesses to refer our customers too. We focus on providing a high-quality service for energy solutions and often find clients looking for other services outside of our field, be it sheds, plumbing works, carpenters or sewage treatment plants. 

Companies we work with are often recommended to us by our customers and we are happy to keep the good word flowing about their products and services.

Businesses notated on this page have the Certified Energy Tick of approval and we do not financially benefit from passing on their details. Simply, locals supporting locals!


Looking for a plumber?

"Yes Plumbing Co offering some excellent energy efficient hot water systems"

Yes Plumbing Co

Looking for a great local plumber that offers high energy efficient hot water systems? We have personally seen their workmanship and they come highly recommended from our customers. They offer the Thermann smart electric hot water system that has some phenomenal energy efficiency integrations. The perfect companion for an off grid home or even a home with a hybrid or solar system. Reach out to Jackson to find out more!

Smart Electric Storage

Electric · Storage Hot Water Systems

The Thermann Smart Electric gives you more control over your hot water, energy use, and power bill with our new app-enhanced electric range.

  • View your energy use and power cost at a glance

  • Save money on your hot water bills by controlling when your hot water system heats water, reducing energy usage by not heating water unnecessarily.

  • Choose from four operating modes —

    • Manual Mode: Lower tank temperature to maximise savings, while keeping anti-legionella cycle.

    • Eco Mode: Machine learning can analyze usage patterns and adjust the heating cycle to reduce energy use by keeping heating to a minimum.

    • Holiday Mode: Remotely turn your hot water system on or off before holidays or when the house is vacant.

    • Schedule Mode: Adjust the hot water system to operate more efficiently around your home's unique schedule.

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Contact Jackson directly for a quote or discussion on their hot water solutions. 

PH: 0490 840 535



Looking for a Shed / home builder?

"Ultimate shed builders are ready to help with your next project"

Ultimate Shed Builders



Because we only collaborate with the absolute best operators within the shed industry, we are able to confidently and continually provide our clients an ultimate building experience. The future of our business relies on this, and our ongoing referral network of ecstatic clients is one of our strongest assets.

How Does It Work?

Once you have chosen your shed kit supplier we will organise everything else to get the job done – including contracts, accounts, council building approvals, project management, site preparation, concrete, construction and handover. We take a huge amount of pride in our workmanship and we want our clients to experience that same level of satisfaction in a ‘job well done’ at handover.


Contact Nigel directly for a quote or discussion on their services.

PH: 0416 277 223


Drilling Metal

Have a business you would like to promote or would like to provide feedback? 

Reach out to us to see how your services may benefit our customers. 

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