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Certified Energy Solutions, SK10 Mobile Off Grid


Built tough right here in Australia. The SK10 is ready for a challenge, be it a remote off grid property or emergency response energy solution we have you covered! 

Certified Energy Solutions NETCC approved Installer
Certified Energy Solutions Locally Made Mobile Off Grid Package

Aussie Tough!

Designed in Australia, manufactured in Australia and made for Australians! 

Everything from the galvanized frame, to stainless fittings, batteries and cabinet are built in Australia to ensure a high level of workmanship and quality control. 

We have designed this system to be right at home in the worst conditions you can throw at it. All while having the latest technology and automation benefits of an industry leading mobile power station solution. 

With sizes ranging from 5kw to 10kw inverter capacity and expandable battery storage and solar inputs we have thought of it all. Pop in and see our SK10 System at our showroom or reach out to discuss your energy needs. 

Our deployable power stations are perfect for relocatable tiny homes, construction, mining sector, agricultural farming properties and more. Our Green generator will not only reduce your energy costs it will substantially lower your CO2 emissions with a quiet renewable energy focused solution. 

Certified Energy Solutions, Kubota Certified Supplier
MPS Certified Energy Solutions Batteries
Certified Energy Solutions Victron Retailer
Certified Energy Solutions, SK10 Mobile Off Grid, Victron
Certified Energy Solutions Off Grid Specialists



The SK10 Offers the ultimate mobile off grid all in one solution. This product is proudly made in Australia while using premium product to ensure the system remains reliable in even the harshest of environments. 


Perfect for.

  • Agricultural properties needing a reliable instant energy solution. 

  • Mining and construction sectors

  • Disaster relief deployment 

  • Off grid homes

  • Road construction sites

The system from frame to components has been engineered for extreme weather environments and is fully automated. From the moment the system is delivered on site we can have you powered up within minutes. And best yet, if the energy requirement moves on site the system can be easily folded back down and relocated to its new location via a tilt tray, trailer or suitable machinery. 

Certified Energy Solutions, SK10 Mobile Off Grid, Victron
System Features
  • All in one Instant off grid 
  • latest technology bi facial panels
  • Batteries use Prismatic Lithium cells for high efficiency and longevity. 
  • Modular design allowing expansion options in storage and pv. 
  • 100% Australian made, desiged and locally built. 
  • Mobile use certified Australian made batteries.
  • 10 Minute setup for instant power via automated systems.
  • Remote monitoring options.
  • Auto Start Generator integration for emergency backup and load assist. 
  • Engineered in Australia and constructed with harsh environments in mind. From stainless fixtures to fully galvanized and powder coated finish its sure to stand the test of time!
System Specifications
  • MPS 5.1KWH Lithium Modules [Up to a maximum of 30.6Khw within the enclosure]
  • Additional battery module cabinet can be provided on request for additional storage. 
  • 3.73KW Solar array comprising of dual glass bi facial solar modules for increased generation within the small footprint over conventional panels.
  • Colour Display for system statistics. 
  • Stand alone monitoring optional for remote placement. 
  • Automatic generator backup via Kabota 9kva.
  • Up to 10KVA Output.
  • Vermin proof design
Certified Energy Solutions, SK10 Mobile Off Grid, Victron
Certified Energy Solutions, Kubota Certified Supplier
Certified Energy Solutions Mobile Off Grid Monitoring, Victron
  • Accurate on system and remote access monitoring with live data. 
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