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High Quality gear for your caravan, 4x4 or Boat that won't leave you stranded!

When kitting out your pride and joy it is essential to prepare for the great outdoors with quality hardware that will do the job right the first time. As avid off-roaders and caravan owners ourselves we know all too well what happens when you wind up with failing hardware when out in the sticks far away from civilization. 

We have put together a range of gear that we personally run and can be confident that it will serve our customers well. If you are looking for a locally supported product and advice, then we look forward to helping you out so you are ready for your next adventure. 

Victron-SmartSolar-MPPT-100-15-Bluetooth-Solar-Controller pic 1.jpg

Developed using over 25 years of industry knowledge and experience

Invicta lithium batteries are designed to the highest specifications to deliver a premium solution that has been proven to perform. Consisting of high-grade aluminium Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) prismatic cells, solid busbar connectors and an integrated BMS, Invicta lithium batteries are a reliable and robust deep-cycle battery for those that need complete confidence in their system.

Our integrated BMS has been engineered for the Australian market and is a robust component that provides automated protection against overcharge/discharge, temperature, short circuit, which can be monitored with Bluetooth models.

Invicta Lithium Vs Other Lithium

  • 7-year warranty and IEC Certification

  • Aluminium encased prismatic cells

  • Integrated BMS with automatic protections

  • Wireless monitoring (Bluetooth range only)

  • Bolted busbar intercell connectors

  • Slimline and standard AGM case sizes

  • Strengthening frame to resist damaging vibrations

  • 2000+ genuine cycles @ 100% DoD

  • Australia’s widest range of 12V, 24V, 36V & 48V single battery solutions

  • Independently tested in Australia


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